NexT 6.0.6 Released

Since more and more contributors joined to NexT, version 6.0.6 got more improvements, additions and bugfixes. Here are some important of them:

Version 6.0.6

  • REMOVED Duplicated meta tag keywords (Hexo v3.3.5 or highter needed).
  • IMPROVED Accessibility for mobile devices.
  • ADDED Support for hexo-leancloud-counter-security plugin.
  • ADDED Sub-Menu feature.
  • FIXED svg confict in Algolia.
  • FIXED GitHub banner under tablet devices and adapted with mobile_layout_economy option.
  • FIXED Margin settings consistence for Mist scheme.

Detailed changes for NexT v6.0.6

Version 6.0.5

  • IMPROVED Allow to set custom CDN for Valine.
  • ADDED BreadCrumbs feature.
  • ADDED include_raw tag.
  • FIXED Syntax issue about IE compatible for Valine.

Detailed changes for NexT v6.0.5

Version 6.0.4

  • CHANGED Busuanzi Count.
  • IMPROVED Used title as url in exturl tag if no arguments exists as title.
  • ADDED External urls in sidebar author links.
  • ADDED Vendor configurations (CDN) for theme-next-bookmark and theme-next-reading-progress.
  • ADDED Support for hexo-related-popular-posts plugin.
  • FIXED Missing data-fancybox attribute for fancybox.
  • FIXED Use .length instead of .size() in motion.js and utils.js to make it work with jQuery 3.1.

Detailed changes for NexT v6.0.4

Version 6.0.3

  • CHANGED Language codes: fr-FR to fr, nl-NL to nl and zh-Hans to zh-CN.
  • CHANGED math.per_page by default to true to make math lazyloaded.
  • IMPROVED Make social, creative commons and footer powered links sensitive by seo option.
  • ADDED Bookmark feature as separated module: theme-next-bookmark.
  • ADDED Switch to choice whether it will unescape the HTML strings for local searching.
  • ADDED Support to set whether the sidebar will be shown in each single post.
  • FIXED Load math script in homepage for posts or pages contained mathjax: true in frontmatter.
  • FIXED Algolia search overlay on mobile devices.

Detailed changes for NexT v6.0.3

Version 6.0.2

  • IMPROVED MathJax feature.
  • ADDED KaTeX support (usage).
  • ADDED Support for lazy load the Disqus comments.
  • ADDED cheers_enabled option.
  • ADDED pangu option instead of auto_spacing in Hexo as separated module: theme-next-pangu.
  • ADDED Load custom files from outside the theme.
  • FIXED Refactored head.swig to right rendering pathes with cache option.
  • FIXED Issue about the categories/tags count in _drafts directory.
  • FIXED theme_config option in NexT for Hexo config.

Detailed changes for NexT v6.0.2

Version 6.0.1

  • REMOVED Duoshuo.
  • ADDED Reading progress feature as separated module: theme-next-reading-progress.
  • ADDED Badges to menu.
  • ADDED «Follow me on GitHub» banner option.

Detailed changes for NexT v6.0.1