NexT 6.0.0 Released

Because NexT is growing up with each year, there are more and more external libs, so:

  • General maintenance became a harder for all who not only use it, but help with development too.
  • Generation speed became slower and slower with each new library. Half of unused libs copied to public dirs for all users and search engines see all this libs too. It's mostly waste files for half NexT users.
  • Full weight of NexT distributive at least decrease about 2x, which provides faster download / update speed.

In other words: this changes increase development speed, generation speed and download speed.


There are no hard breaking changes between 5.1.x and 6.0.x versions. It's change major version to 6 because:

  • CHANGED Main repo was rebased from iissnan's profile to theme-next organization.
  • IMPROVED Most libraries under the next/source/lib directory was moved out to external repos under NexT organization.
  • IMPROVED 3rd-party plugin hexo-wordcount was replaced by hexo-symbols-count-time because hexo-symbols-count-time no have any external nodejs dependencies, no have language filter which causes better performance on speed at site generation.
  • ADDED Cache option to increase content generation speed.

Full Changes

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Update from Version 5

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3rd-party Libraries

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