Search Services

NexT provides Algolia search plugin for index your hexo website content. What you should note here is that only turn on enable of algolia_search in theme config file cannot let you use the algolia search correctly, you need to install corresponding Hexo Algolia plugin to seach your website with Algolia. Follow the steps described below to complete the installation of Algolia search.

Known Issues

  1. The latest version of the Hexo-Algolia plugin removes the content indexing feature, given Algolia's free account limitation.
  2. The Hexo-Algoliasearch plugin provides content indexing functionality, but requires the replacement of keywords in the NexT theme. The same problem exists with Record Too Big for Algolia's free account.
    • Replace all applicationID in source/js/algolia-search.js with appId
    • Replace all applicationID in layout/_partials/head/head.swig with appId

Local search no need any external 3rd-party services and can be extra indexed by search engines. That search method recommended for most users.