Comment Systems


Disqus is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations across the web.

  1. Create an account and log into Disqus. Once logged in, click the GET STARTED button on the homepage, then select I want to install Disqus on my site option and you will see the Create a new site interface.
  2. Enter your Website Name, which will serve as your Disqus shortname, and select a Category from the drop-down menu. Then click Create Site button.
  3. Choose I don't see my platform listed, install manually with Universal Code, configure Disqus for your site, and click Complete Setup button.
  4. Set the value enable to true, add the obtained Disqus shortname (shortname), and edit other configurations in disqus section in the theme config file as following:
    enable: false
    shortname: your-short-disqus-name
    count: true


Render Disqus comment component using Disqus API.

  1. Get your Disqus API Key from Disqus API Application.
  2. Go to the settings page of your Disqus Application, enter your domain in Settings -> Domains.
  3. Get your Disqus Shortname from General Settings - Disqus Admin.
  4. Set the value enable to true, add the obtained Disqus API Key (apikey) and Shortname (shortname), and edit other configurations in disqusjs section in the theme config file as following:
    # DisqusJS
    # Alternative Disqus - Render comment component using Disqus API
    # Demo:
    enable: false
    # API Endpoint of Disqus API (
    # leave api empty if you are able to connect to Disqus API
    # otherwise you need a reverse proxy for Disqus API
    # For example:
    # api:
    apikey: # register new application from
    shortname: # See:


LiveRe is a content platform based on social networking site reviews to help users communicate freely.

  1. Create an account or log into LiveRe, click on the installation button and select the free city version, then click on the install now button.

  2. Copy the data-uid field in the installation code to get your LiveRe UID.

  3. Add the obtained LiveRe UID to the livere_uid section in the theme config file as following:

    # Support for LiveRe comments system.
    # You can get your uid from (General web site)
    livere_uid: your_uid


Gitalk is a modern comment component based on Github Issue and Preact.

  1. Click here to sign up for a new OAuth Application. Other content can be filled in at will, but be sure to fill in the correct callback URL (usually the domain name corresponding to the comment page). Then you will get a Client ID and a Client secret.

  2. Create a repository you want to store Gitalk comments in your GitHub.

  3. Set the value enable to true, add Client ID (client_id) and Client secret (client_secret) in step 1, add your Github username (github_id and admin_user) and the created repository name (repo) in step 2, and edit other configurations in gitalk section in the theme config file as following:

    # Gitalk
    # Demo:
    enable: false
    github_id: # Github repo owner
    repo: # Repository name to store issues
    client_id: # Github Application Client ID
    client_secret: # Github Application Client Secret
    admin_user: # GitHub repo owner and collaborators, only these guys can initialize github issues
    distraction_free_mode: true # Facebook-like distraction free mode
    # Gitalk's display language depends on user's browser or system environment
    # If you want everyone visiting your site to see a uniform language, you can set a force language value
    # Available value: en, es-ES, fr, ru, zh-CN, zh-TW

Hexo has encode URLs by default since version 4.0: PR 3708.
Gitalk relies on the md5 value of the page path for tagging, and this may cause issues. It's recommended to upgrade Hexo to 4.0 (or above), NexT to 7.7.0 (or above) to use Gitalk.

Valine (China)

Valine is a fast, simple & efficient Leancloud based no back end comment system.

  1. Create an account or log into LeanCloud, and then click on the bottom left corner to create the application in dashboard.

  2. Go to the application you just created, select Settings -> Apply Key in the lower left corner, and you will see your APP ID and APP Key.

  3. Set the value enable to true, add the obtained APP ID (appid) and APP Key (appkey), and edit other configurations in valine section in the theme config file as following:

    # Valine
    # You can get your appid and appkey from
    # more info please open
    enable: false # When enable is set to be true, leancloud_visitors is recommended to be closed for the re-initialization problem within different leancloud adk version.
    appid: # your leancloud application appid
    appkey: # your leancloud application appkey
    notify: false # mail notifier ,
    verify: false # Verification code
    placeholder: Just go go # comment box placeholder
    avatar: mm # gravatar style
    guest_info: nick,mail,link # custom comment header
    pageSize: 10 # pagination size
    visitor: false # leancloud-counter-security is not supported for now. When visitor is set to be true, appid and appkey are recommended to be the same as leancloud_visitors' for counter compatibility. Article reading statistic
    comment_count: true # If false, comment count will only be displayed in post page, not in home page
    recordIP: false # Whether to record the commenter IP
    serverURLs: # When the custom domain name is enabled, fill it in here (it will be detected automatically by default, no need to fill in)

Changyan (China)

Changyan is the industry's leading social commenting system, supporting both PC and mobile access methods, providing a new way of commenting on websites. Changyan has a variety of common account login, triple filtering mechanism, real-time data statistics, fast data export, comprehensive support for mobile and other leading functions. It fully satisfies the needs of major websites for user login, comment, sharing, and review.

  1. Create an account or log into Changyan, then add your site to get APP ID and APP KEY.

  2. Set the value enable to true, and add the obtained APP ID (appid) and APP KEY (appkey) to the changyan section in the theme config file as following:

    # changyan
    enable: false

Please note that you should fill in the ICP record number of your website in time. If not, or the record information is not correct, the comment service will be stopped after 13 days. Useful link

Multiple Comment System Support

NexT allows you to enable multiple commenting systems at the same time. You can modify the following configuration to adjust the style or behavior of multiple commenting systems.

# Multiple Comment System Support
# Available values: tabs | buttons
style: tabs
# Choose a comment system to be displayed by default
# Available values: changyan | disqus | disqusjs | gitalk | livere | valine
# Setting `true` means remembering the comment system selected by the visitor
storage: true
# Modify icons and texts for any style, here are some examples
# text: Load Disqus
# order: -1
# order: -2