Theme Settings

NexT insists to hide complex details and gives you a simple but flexible config, so you can use it easily.

Cache Support

NexT v6+ allows to cache content generation. Set the value enable to true in cache section in theme config file as following:

# Allow to cache content generation. Introduced in NexT v6.0.0.
enable: true

Custom Style Support

Like Next Data files, you can put all your custom styles into one place (hexo/source/_data).

  • head: It's custom swig styles placed in layout/_custom/head.swig.
  • header: It's custom swig styles placed in layout/_custom/header.swig.
  • sidebar: It's custom swig styles placed in layout/_custom/sidebar.swig.
  • variables: It's variables styles placed in source/css/_variables/custom.styl.
  • mixins: It's mixins styles placed in source/css/_mixins/custom.styl.
  • styles: It's custom styles placed in source/css/_custom/custom.styl.

Add your custom files in hexo/source/_data and uncomment needed files under the custom_file_path section in theme config file as following:

# For example, you want to put your custom styles file
# outside theme directory in root `source/_data`, set
# `styles: source/_data/styles.styl`
# Default paths: layout/_custom/*
#head: source/_data/head.swig
#header: source/_data/header.swig
#sidebar: source/_data/sidebar.swig

# Default path: source/css/_variables/custom.styl
#variables: source/_data/variables.styl
# Default path: source/css/_mixins/custom.styl
#mixins: source/_data/mixins.styl
# Default path: source/css/_custom/custom.styl
#styles: source/_data/styles.styl

RSS Support

There are three RSS options in NexT to fit different cases.
Edit theme config file and set the value of rss:

  • false: Disable RSS, which won't show links on page.
  • Leave Blank: Use Hexo to generate feed and insert links automatically. You may need to install hexo-generator-feed plugin with npm firstly.
  • Concrete URL: This means you have generate Feed in advance.

Creative Commons

NexT supports the display of Creative Commons 4.0 International License in sidebar and post including by, by-nc, by-nc-nd, by-nc-sa, by-nd, by-sa, zero. These licenses allow creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of recipients or other creators.

You can configure it by editing values in creative_commons section in theme config file, for example:

license: by-nc-sa
sidebar: true
post: true
language: deed.zh

GitHub Banner

NexT provides Follow me on GitHub banner in right-top corner.

# Follow me on GitHub banner in right-top corner.
enable: true
title: Follow me on GitHub

permalink → is the specified link must have full url path.

title → is the title and aria-label name.

You can set enable to true and add your own GitHub link.

Mobile Devices Adaptation

If you want to reduce padding/margin indents on devices with narrow width, you can enable it by editing values mobile_layout_economy to true in theme config file.

mobile_layout_economy: true

By default NexT uses black-deep (#222) as the color of android Chrome header panel. You can configure it by editing values with Hex color in android_chrome_color section in theme config file.

android_chrome_color: "#222"

Rainbow Safari

If you want to hide sticky headers and color the menu bar on Safari (iOS / macOS), you can set safari_rainbow to true. More information here: rainbowsafari.

safari_rainbow: true

Custom Scrollbar Support

NexT supports the scrollbar personalization.

Only works on webkit based browsers.

custom_scrollbar: true

Custom Logo Support

NexT supports the site logo personalization.

Scheme Mist does not support custom logo setting under 6.0.x version or highter.

Fonts Customization

To solve the unstable of Google Fonts API in some countries, NexT supports setting fonts. By using this feature you can assign URL of fonts library. And NexT gives you 5 specific font settings, they are:

  • Global Font: Font used in the whole site.
  • Title Font: Font used by titles in articles (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6).
  • Article Font: Font used by articles.
  • Logo Font: Font used by Logo.
  • Code Font: Font used by code blocks in articles.

Each fonts will be used as the first font of this class, NexT will fallback to internal font settings if they are unavalible.

  • Non-code Font: Fallback to "PingFang SC", "Microsoft YaHei", sans-serif
  • Code Font: Fallback to consolas, Menlo, "PingFang SC", "Microsoft YaHei", monospace

Plus each section has a external attribute, this controls whether to use the font library CDN.
Use this can help you to use fonts installed in system and reduce unnecessary requests.

enable: true

# Font library CDN, e.g. // (Default)

# Global font settings used for all elements in <body>.
external: true
family: Monda

# Font settings for Headlines (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6).
# Fallback to `global` font settings.
external: true
family: Roboto Slab

# Font settings for posts.
# Fallback to `global` font settings.
external: true

# Font settings for Logo.
# Fallback to `global` font settings.
external: true
family: Lobster Two
size: 24

# Font settings for <code> and code blocks.
external: true
family: PT Mono

Animation Effect

NexT enables animation effect by default which is supported by JavaScript, so it will wait for JavaScript loaded to show content.
If you need speed you can set this section to false to disable it.

Edit theme config file and set the needed values under the motion to fit your demand.

# Use velocity to animate everything.
enable: true
async: false
# Transition variants:
# fadeIn | fadeOut | flipXIn | flipXOut | flipYIn | flipYOut | flipBounceXIn | flipBounceXOut | flipBounceYIn | flipBounceYOut
# swoopIn | swoopOut | whirlIn | whirlOut | shrinkIn | shrinkOut | expandIn | expandOut
# bounceIn | bounceOut | bounceUpIn | bounceUpOut | bounceDownIn | bounceDownOut | bounceLeftIn | bounceLeftOut | bounceRightIn | bounceRightOut
# slideUpIn | slideUpOut | slideDownIn | slideDownOut | slideLeftIn | slideLeftOut | slideRightIn | slideRightOut
# slideUpBigIn | slideUpBigOut | slideDownBigIn | slideDownBigOut | slideLeftBigIn | slideLeftBigOut | slideRightBigIn | slideRightBigOut
# perspectiveUpIn | perspectiveUpOut | perspectiveDownIn | perspectiveDownOut | perspectiveLeftIn | perspectiveLeftOut | perspectiveRightIn | perspectiveRightOut
post_block: fadeIn
post_header: slideDownIn
post_body: slideDownIn
coll_header: slideLeftIn
# Only for Pisces | Gemini.
sidebar: slideUpIn