Full Image (Featured Image)

Using this tag will add meta data ImageObject to make your image featured. It's mean search engines/social services will display your article in their services with this image as thumbnail by default.


From version 6.4.0 this tag supported 2 additional parameters:

  • Lazy load → lazy
  • Image size → size

If you are using a lower version, this parameters will be ignored.

{% fullimage /url [@lazy], [alt], [title], [size] %}
<!-- Tag Alias -->
{% fi /url [@lazy], [alt], [title], [size] %}

/url : Relative path to image URL.
[@lazy] : Load image only when user scroll to it.
Dependencies: https://github.com/theme-next/theme-next-jquery-lazyload
[alt] : Alternate text (for search engines).
[title] : Tooltip at mouseover.
[size] : Size of image in any ratio (%, px, em).

All parameters except /url are optional.


{% fi /images/docs/github.png %}

Full Image with alt & title

{% fi /images/docs/github.png, Alt text, Title text %}
Alt text

Full Image with 100% size

{% fi /images/docs/github.png, Alt text, Title text, 100% %}
Alt text

Full Image with 200px & without alt & title

{% fi /images/docs/github.png,,, 200px %}

Recommended to use this tag once per article.

Lazy loading Full Image

{% fi /images/docs/next-schemes-3.png@lazy, Alt text, Title text, 75% %}

<!-- Or with space before '@lazy' -->

{% fi /images/docs/next-schemes-3.png @lazy, Alt text, Title text, 75% %}
Alt text