Tag Plugins

Tag Plugin is a way to make special style contents supported by Hexo. For example, we cannot show a image with custom size in standard Markdown. And then we can use tag plugins to solve it. Hexo has a lot of tags which can help user. And Hexo also have interfaces to themes which make themes able to create their own tags. Following tags is provided by NexT:

Centered Quote

This tag will make a quote with two lines before and after it, and text quoted will be centered. When using centered quote, if we have multi-line text, and each line has a different length, the quote won't be symmetrical, so it's recommended to use when only have single line text. For example before article all after article to make a summary.


{% centerquote %}Something{% endcenterquote %}
<!-- Tag Alias -->
{% cq %}Something{% endcq %}


{% cq %}Elegant in code, simple in core{% endcq %}

Elegant in code, simple in core

Include Raw

This tag include any raw content into your posts. Path is relative to your site source directory.


{% include_raw '_data/path/to/file.html' %}


Let's create include-raw.html file in _data directory under site root directory with following content:

Any <strong>raw content</strong> may be included with this tag.

Then in any post we can use this content with include_raw tag:

{% include_raw '_data/path/to/include-raw.html' %}
Any raw content may be included with this tag.